More trouble in old Ireland, song

Roseanne McGonigle (Gillespie), singing in English
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Far far away on the banks of the Nile
Some thousand miles from his own native isle
A brave Irish soldier a gallant dragoon
Read his mother’s letter by the light of the moon.

As he stole from his cabin this little note to read
The news that it brought made his stout heart bleed
It told how the widow could not pay her way
Out came the sheriff on a dark dreary day
To burn down her cabin for the trifle that she owed
The widow and her children were cast out on the road.

And the tears rolled down his sun burned cheeks
And dropped on the letter that he held in his hand
For it’s true too true
More trouble in old Ireland.

She had one son a sailor floating on the foam
The other boy a soldier both far away from home
Carrying their colours against the dusky foe
While the widow and her children sat weeping in the snow.

She had one kind neighbour a true friend indeed
He came to the widow the outcast in need
He brought her to his cottage where the turf fire it burned bright
The widow and her children wept tears of delight.