Malin Shore, song

Packie Lynch, singing in English
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Sure I am a rambling Irishman I have rambled this country round
Still looking for my equal but her I never had found
Till I fell in love with a Malin girl she has my heart in store
And she's the darling of my heart and she dwells round Malin shore.

Sure the very first time I saw my love was in Carndonagh town
I viewed her mild behaviour as she walked up and down
She far exceeds the Queen of May for beauty she has more
She is the darling of my heart and she dwells round Malin shore.

The very next time I saw my love 'twas down in the Malin strand
I stepped up to this bonnie wee lass and gave to her my hand
I threw my arms around her waist and gave her kisses three
Says I my nice wee Malin girl will you pad the road with me.

For to pad the road with you kind sir sure I'm five years too young
And besides all you Lurgan lads you have a flattering tongue
The evening tide was coming in we could no longer stand
And I rolled her in my arms on the banks of the Malin strand.

She says marry me my Lurgan lad as you promised to me before
My father's land with you I'll divide on the banks of the Malin shore
Sure if ever that I come to age my vows I'll make them stand
And I'll marry you my wee Malin girl on the banks of Malin strand.