The maid of Culmore, song

Denis McDaid, singing in English
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From fair Londonderry going to sweet Belfast town
There is no better harbour all around can be found
Where the youngsters each evening go down by the shore
And the joy bells are ringing for the Maid of Culmore.

The first time I saw my love she passes me by
And the next time I saw her she does me deny
The third time I saw her she grieved my heart sore
As she left Londonderry sailed away from Culmore.

If I had the power the storms to rise
The clouds for to gather and darken the skies
The wind to blow high and seas for to roar
Till the day that my darling sailed down by Culmore.

To the North of Americay my love I’ll go and seek
Where I will know no one nor no one to know me
And if I don’t find her I’ll return home then no more
Like a pilgrim I’ll wander for the maid of Culmore.

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