The maid of bonnie Strathyre, song

Jim McGonigle (James Eoghain), singing in English
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There are meadows and low lands and mountains in Skye
And there’s highlands and lowlands and pastures forbye
But there’s nae ither place that the heart could desire
Than to herd the fine cattle on bonnie Strathyre

Oh it’s up in the morning and awa tae the hill
When the long summer day is sae warm and sae still
Till the peak o’Benmore is kindled in fire
And the evening falls gentle on bonnie Strathyre

There’s milk in the shielans and love in my breast
When the sun has gone down and the kye are at rest
And there’s many a prince would be proud to aspire
Tae my winsome wee Mary the pride of Strathyre

Her cheeks are like rowans on a bright summer’s eve
And bright as the starlight that shines in her een
And sweet is her breast as the scent on the briar
And her voice is sweet music on bonnie Strathyre

Then it’s Flora by Colin and Mary by me
And we’ll dance to the pipers sae loudly and free
Till the moon in the heavens climbing higher and higher
Till it sleeps on fresh bracken of bonnie Strathyre

There are some will go down tae the lowlands and roam
And some will go soldering and far frae their home
But I’ll herd my ain cattle and muck my ain byre
And love my ain Mary frae bonnie Strathyre