Mackenzie's dream

John Joe English
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Mackenzie's dream, song (One night of late I chanced to stray, from a shore so far away ...)

John Joe English learned this song from his uncle, John English. The protagonist of the song, Mackenzie, dreams of all the heroes of Erin standing together against tyranny. 

At the end of John Joe’s performance, Aidan O’Hara speculates that the song’s origins might have been in the Young Ireland movement. The song is more widely known as the 19th-century Irish broadside ballad, “McKenna’s Dream.” John Joe sings the song in triple metre, a slowed-down version of the melody for “Suíl, a ghrá.”


With thanks to RTÉ Sound Archives for their digitisation of the Kenneth Goldstein/Aidan O'Hara Reels.