Lovely Leitrim, song

Theresa Robinson, singing in English
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Last night I had a pleasant dream I woke up with a smile
I thought I was at home again in dear old Erin's Isle
I thought I saw Lough Allen's banks her valleys down below
It was my native Leitrim where Shannon water's flow

I stood enchanted by the scene of grandeur and delight
I hurried on to Carrick town before the dark of night
I passed Sheemore that fairy hill where the flowers fair do grow
And I saw the grave of Finn McCool where Shannon water's flow

I next did visit Finea Town with its ancient abbey walls
Where the teaching of its holy monks once echoed through its halls
Bu now the mist is lifting and I am bound to go
And leave that land so beautiful where the Shannon water's flow

The English man speaks of the rose the Scots man the bluebell
And many are of the stories of history they do tell
But give to me the shamrock green that abundantly does grow
On the fertile plains of Leitrim where Shannon water’s flow

And if ever I return again the first place I will go
Will be to lovely Leitrim where the Shannon water's flow