Lovely Isle of Doagh, song

Cornelius McEleney, singing in English
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It is fare there well dear Isle of Doagh, a long and fond adieu
And it’s likewise to your hills and dales that I oft time stood to view
Your admiring scenes and your fertile greens and your lovely sand banked shore
From your ancient castle at Carrickabraghy to the point at Doaghamore

Although your shores lie towards the north and are washed by the Atlantic tide
They bear no cold but is pleasant to behold, I must confess with pride
Your eastern shore those craggy looks are worthy of grand praise
When the morning sun at an early sun sends forth it’s pleasant rays

In the center stands our national school where as I child I spend
With all my little comrades I was happy and contecnt
Many years I have pass since that I stopped, but my pleasure seems to flow
Along with all my comrades in the lovely Isle of Doagh

It is now my age is twenty four as plain as you may see
My mind I’ve made up for to taste the cup of freedom in Amerikay
It will grieve my heart for sure to part with my comrade boys, you know
That wells around the central bonds of the lovely Isle of Doagh