Loughrey’s bull, song

Jimmy Houten, singing in English
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Come all you jolly farmers wherever that you be
Likewise now pay attention and listen unto me
It’s of a cruel landlord as yous may understand
His name it was John Loughrey he was a cruel man.

One evening as he chanced to stray to walk on Binnion shore
His own bull he came up to him began to boo and roar
He rose him on his horns and threw him like a frog
And the first relief that Loughrey got it was his hurding dogs.

When the bull he overtook him he quickly knocked him down
Do you remember the evictions was and Bocarnagh town
Right well I do says Loughrey I’ll never do it more
Then roared the bull you never will for I will spill your gore.

When the bull saw he was hurted and seeing he wasn’t dead
He then began to boo and roar just like a beast was mad
I done my best to kill him I solemnly declare
And if I was a landlord I’d treat the tenants fair.

I never ran and left him until I had to go
And if I did I broke his ribs now boys I wasn’t slow
The day of his burial it’s no one felt the loss
For every tenant that he had they went into the Cross.

Two neighbours met thereafter and they talked of the vent
They well knew of aul‘ Loughrey and of his cruel rent
Says one unto the other Oh thank God we’ll have peace
And God grant the bull his health that laid him in his hearse.

Well now he’s dead and buried an he’s out of his estate
And every tenant that has land should give the bull his meat
But if I was a tenant it’s for the bull would pray
That he might be fed on good oats likewise the best of hay.