Lough Sheelin’s Side, song

Charlie McGonigle (James Eoghain), singing in English
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Oh farewell old Ireland a last farewell
My bitter anguish no one can tell
For I must go o’er the ocean wide
From my cottage home by Lough Sheelin Side

Now fond memories come ‘til my heart grows sad
Aye and vengeful thoughts ’til my brain goes mad
When I think of Eileen my own young bride
Who in the church yard long by Lough Sheelin Side

Oh when first I wooed her so fair and young
With her artless airs and flawless tongue
All other maidens she did out vie
On the lonely banks of Lough Sheelin Side

And how proud was I of my girl so tall
And envied most by the young men all
When I brought her blushing with bashful pride
To my cottage home by Lough Sheelin Side

Oh but our love was too good to last
The landlord came our bright hopes to blast
In vain we pleaded for mercy no
So he turned us out on the blinding snow

Ah no one dare open for us their door
Or else his vengeance would reach them sure
My Eileen fainted in my arms and died
As the snow lay deep on the mountain side

It was yon churchyard we laid her low
Where in the springtime the daisies grow
I shed no tears for the font had died
On that woeful night by Lough Sheelin Side

So farewell oul’ Ireland farewell for e’er
The big ship’s waiting I must prepare
But my fond heart it will still abide
At my Eileen’s grave in Lough Sheelin Side

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