Lough Erin’s shore, song

  Jimmy Houten, singing in English
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One evening of late as I rambled
By the banks of a clear purling stream
I sat down on a bed of primroses
And I gently fell in to a dream

I dreamed I beheld a fair female
Her equal I never saw before
And she sighs for the wrongs of her country
As she strays around Lough Erin’s shore

Her two eyes were like two sparkling diamonds
On a pale and a clear frosty night
Her cheeks were like two blooming roses
And her skin’s of a pale ivory white

She was dressed in the richest attire
And green was the mantle she wore
Done around with the roses and shamrocks
That grows around Lough Erin’s shore

I quickly addressed this young damsel
My jewel come tell me your name
For they tell me you’re a stranger
I would not have asked you the same

I’m a daughter to Daniel O’Connell
Who from England that lately sailed o’er
I came over to awaken my brethrens
That slumbers around Lough Erin’s shore

In transport of joy I awoke
Alas I found this was a dream
This lovely young damsel has fled
And I long to be slumbering again

May the powers above be her guardian
Her face I may never see more
She’s the blooming sweet empire of Erin
And she slumbers around Lough Erin’s shore