London City, song

Jimmy Houten, singing in English
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In London city there dwelt a lady
And she being there of a great estate
As men of honour lord dukes and earls
On this young damsel did oft‘ times wait

She being so high and so independent
No man on earth could her husband be
Except he was some great man of honour
That never was conquered by land or sea

There were two bothers they came to love her
Which she admired above the rest
To try their value was her intention
To see which of them would she love best

Oh one of them was a bold sea captain
On board the jolly and roving tar
The other was a lord lieutenant
On board the Tiger brave man-o-war

She ordered coaches for to get ready
Being early early by break of day
And by her orders her coach got ready
To towering hills and rove away

And when she drove up what was the tower
She threw a fan into the lions den
The man that loves me and wants to gain me
Shall being me back my fan again

As out then spoke the bold sea-captain
His voice like thunder so loud and high.
In land or sea I was never daunted
I’ll bring it back love or else I’ll die

It’s out then spoke the lord lieutenant
As he stood shivering all by her side
On land or sea I was never daunted
To face my foe I was still inclined

But where there’s lions there’s always tigers
My strength to them I would prove so frail
Before I venture my life in danger
Some other young man your favour gain