The lament to the Fanad boys, song

Pat McDaid, singing in English
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On the twenty fourth of August eighteen and sixty two
Going to the English harvest to our friends we bid adieu
Our hearts being light and merry and no troubles in our mind
It’s little we thought we never would see our friends we left behind.

Our boat was heavy loaded and the wind it blew severe
The seas they did roll mountains high ‘til death it did appear
At length one gale did struck her bow there was no relief from shore
And thirteen of our Fanad boys went down to rise no more.

Brave old MacSwaine I do lament a hero stout and true
A widow and six children had a reason for to rue
His father sighed his mother cried his children wept full sore
The day his brother got his corpse going round the Rathmullen shore.

There being a lad amongst the squad his name was McElaine
He was very well respected by his comrades far and near
From Kerrykeel to Inishfield Rathmullen shore likewise
There was sorrow grief but no relief for our brave Fanad boys.

Now to conclude and finish I mean to draw my pen
I hope the blessed virgin to their souls will prove a friend
My eyes are over loaded with tears my pen I must leave down
May the lord have mercy on their souls good people say amen.

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