Kevin Barry, song

Michael McGonigle (James Eoghain), singing in English
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I have a sad but true story to relate
Of a brave young Irish man’s cruel fate
His name it is down on the scroll of fame
Aye and Kevin Barry was the hero’s name

When he was scarcely eighteen years of age
To the Republican Army he did engage
For old Ireland’s cause he struck a blow
For to free old Ireland from a tyrant foe

In a fight with the forces of the Crown
Young Kevin Barry shot a soldier down
For which he was captured by the military
Aye and condemned to die on the gallows tree

In the condemned cell awaiting his fate
He was asked to confess before it was too late
Come tell us who your comrades may be
Aye and pardon we will give you and we’ll set you free

With this he replied with a look of scorn
Saying an Irish traitor never yet was born
Carry out your sentence you have my reply
For old Ireland I fought and for old Ireland I’ll die

Then out from the jail sure there came a priest
And the tears rolled down his manly cheeks
Did they hang him Father his comrades cried
Yes they did indeed but a braver lad never died

Now his soul is gone to eternity
And he solved the greatest unknown mystery
So all you great people who’re living free
Please breathe a prayer for the soul of Kevin Barry