The jolly smuggler, song

Jimmy McBride, singing in English
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I am a jolly smuggler and I keep the best of stuff
I don’t care much for Civic Guards from Kerrykeel to Muff
Carndonagh or Culdaff Buncrana or Moville
I am at their defiance as I sit here by my still.

My yeast I buy in Derry and I bring it by their nose
The only way I get it out is hid in women’s clothes
But for them I don’t give a dang it’s me they will not get
I always still my whiskey lit the night be dry or wet.

Come all ye jolly smugglers and enemies at the game
Take a tip from one who knows it’s keep your eye on Kane
If you travel on the Swilly and you think he’s on the know
Do yourself as I have done and slip the yeast to Joe.

Oh I love to sit beside my still it fills my heart with joy
To think of a story was told to me by young Pat Molloy
When his comrades and his brothers were fighting in the war
We were sitting in the heather with our arms around the jar.

The neighbours and informers watch me often in the hill
It’s puzzling for all of them for they don’t know where I still
The neighbours cannot tell on me as they did in times of yore
When my poor old uncle he was caught on the road to Crislamore.

Now when the time it comes around and I’m in my dying bed
I hope you won’t forget to stick a bottle to my head
And when I am departed make sure I don’t go far
Don’t put me in a coffin but bury me with a jar.

And when I go to heaven there are things I’ll have to do
I’ll meet with great Saint Peter and I’ll show him how to brew
And if you boys that go below you have a better bunk
If you bring a drop of good old stuff to keep the Devil drunk.