John Mitchel, song

Dan McGonigle, singing in English
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I am a true born Irish man John Mitchel is my name
When forced to join my country boys from Newry town I came
I struggled hard both day and night to free my native land
For which I was transported unto Van Diemen’s Land

When I first seen my country boys it was in forty two
And what did follow after I’ll quickly tell to you
I raised the standard of revolt and glory in the deep
I vowed to heaven that I never would rest ‘til Ireland would be free

They cast me into prison until my trial day
My loving wife came to me and these words to me did say
Cheer up your heart dear John cheer up and undaunted do not be
For it’s better to die for Ireland‘s rights than live in slavery

Said I my love and dearest wife it’s hard to part with you
Likewise my young and tender babes alas what will they do
My friends and my own comrades will mourn at my downfall
But to part with you in my native land it grieves me more than all

I was placed on board of a convict ship without any more delay
And when on board of that convict ship I’ll never forget that day
I gazed around while on her deck to take a farewell view
I shed a tear but not through fear my native land for you

When I received my sentence it was on holy ground
Where thousands of my Irish boys assembled all around
I was offered my full liberty if I would resign the cause
But I’d rather die a thousand times than forsake my Irish boys

Oh Irish boys cheer up your hearts relief is near at hand
Successes we will always pray when in a foreign land
There’s one request I ask of yous when your liberty you gain
Remember poor John Mitchel a convict o’er the main