The jazz dance, song

Jimmy Houten, singing in English
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On a cold winter’s night I was knocking around
And for some amusement I surely was bound
‘Twas not my intention but it happened by chance
To witness the latest they call the jazz dance

The macs they announced in a musical voice
Saying gentlemen there if you please take your choice
There’s one step to dance you get out on the floor
And where there’s but one you can take any more

It’s in scrimbling order they quickly fell in
And then free and easy to move did begin
As these nonsense dances does other excel
There the greatest imposure from Connaught to hell

Like ducks going to bath they all waddle around
While the hand organ music so sweetly does sound
They push to each corner their balance to gain
Like hounds on a chase they all double again

We all love the lasses it must be confessed
But we cannot admire the way they are dressed
For our local tailor explained it to me
That a yard and a quarter would dress two or three

The barbers are thriving we must understand
For this Dublin system is spread o’er the land
They are shaving in Dublin like a cock and a pen
You can hardly distinguish the girls from the men

The way they carry on they would anger a saint
For they’re all covered over with powder and paint
It’s these modest lasses who would charm your heart
They’ve more paint on their face than the wheels of a cart

The clergy complains as we often have heard
Of the girls a shaving without any beard
The clothing are getting remarkable small
They’ll soon now appear without any at all