The jacket so blue, song

Packie McGonigle, singing in English
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A ship’s crew of sailors as you may hear
Bound for the west Indies or some course to steer
There was one lad amongst them I wish I never knew
He’s a bonny bonnie sailor with his jacket so blue

The first time I saw this young man he’d a spy glass in his hand
I stepped up to him but with me he would not stand
I stepped up to him and from me he withdrew
And my heart it went along with him and his jacket so blue

Says I my noble sailor I will buy your discharge
I will free you from sailing and set you at large
And I’ll free you from sailing if your heart does be true
And I’ll never let a stain on your jacket so blue

Oh no my noble lady you’ll not buy my discharge
Nor free me from sailing and set me at large
And you’ll not free me from that man-o-war ‘cause my heart won’t be true
Ah but what would my ain lovely Scotch lassie do

I have a wee lassie in my ain country
And I would not slight her for her poverty
If I would slight her my heart would not be true
For she never left a stain on my jacket so blue

I will send for an artist of skill for a letter to my love
And I’ll get my love’s picture drawn out in its full
And I’ll hang it in my chamber quite close to my view
And I’ll say I met a sailor with a heart that was true

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