Jack the Rover, song

Charlie McGonigle (James Eoghain), singing in English
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When I am drinking I am always thinking
Of my true lover though very far away
And this very night I will go and see her
Although she is many a long mile away

Although this night be as dark as dungeon
And not a star in the sky to appear
Sure I will ramble without stumble
‘Til I reach the arms of my Mary dear

As I went up to her bedroom window
And kneeling down there upon a stone
And through the pane I spoke slowly to her
Dear love dear love what makes you lie there alone?

This maid arose rolled from her pillow
She clasped her hands to her lily white breast
Who’s there who’s there at my bedroom window
Disturbing me from my good night’s rest

It’s your true lover it’s Jack the Rover
Make no delay love but let me in
For I am tired fatigued and weary
Besides I’m wet to the very skin

This maid arose she opened the door
She opened the door and let me in
We both shook hands and embraced each other
Still hoping the light would not shine again

But daylight daylight love is fast approaching
Yon rocky Mountains I must climb
But I will climb them without stumble
Since I’ve been in the arms of my Mary dear