The Inishowen singers, song

Paddy Collins, singing in English
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If you will now listen I’ll let it be known
Of a fine singing weekend in oul’ Inishowen
Singers there from all over from abroad and at home
All invited by Jimmy who likes a good poem

Jim McGonigle sang a song that he’d made
On the year that had all the hay makers afraid
‘85 was the year that he had to concede
And start making silage for his cattle feed

To top off the weekend the diehards repaired
To McFeeley’s back room where the best songs were heard
It was Maggie struck up with her fine singing voice
I don’t mind the song it was one of her choice

There was many fine songs from the Inishowen men
Songs all new to me I must hear them again
John Danny came out with a fine recitation
I’d heard him before but it stood repetition

Now Jimmy Mc Bride by this time was well shook
He knew he was beat so the road home he took
I sat there and knew I was privileged to be
There on that night in such fine company

Towards the end of the night Dan was singing with zest
He had sung off the top and got down to his best
From Michael beside him a fine song was flowing
When in walked a guard it was time to be going

There was sighs of dismay from all singers there
To have to stop now it just didn’t seem fair
The Circle broke up in the best of good order
And myself on a high floated home o’er the Border