I’m bidding adieu, song

Maggie McGee, singing in English
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Sure there is a farm in old Ireland and they call it now sweet Tralee
‘Twas there I spent my childhood days around those hills with glee
Till poverty came over me I’m sorry to relate
And like many’s another poor Irishman I was forced for to emigrate


So I’m bidding adieu to old Ireland and I’m leaving the Shamrock Shore
Crossing the foam from my Irish home the home we all adore
Our hearts being sad the weather being bad which caused our crops to fail
And to better our lot we are leaving the spot and they call it Granuaile


Oh they say there is luck in a foreign land there’s health and wealth galore
The darkest day before the day there’s brighter days in store
We have Irish hearts and willing hands we’ll toil both night and day
And we’ll never forget the kind friends that we left in old Ireland far away


But of course we will return again and end our honest toil
Where the boys and girls will meet with us and greet us with a smile
Old Barney Moore will play his pipes as he did in the days of yore
And we’ll dance a reel or an Irish jig on the good old barn floor