I’m a stranger in this country, song

Dan McGonigle, singing in English
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I’m a stranger in this country from Americay I came
There is few here that knows me or can tell my name
Since there’s few here that knows me I’ll tarry a while
I’ll sport with my darling throughout this green isle.

Some say I am foolish others say I’m not wise
Others say I’m a rambler young maids to entice
But to make them all liars come you love with me
I’ll take you to Americay strange faces to see.

And the night that we land love we’ll dance and we’ll sing
It’s a plentiful country neither taxes nor king.

Farewell lovely Molly I left on this shore
Likewise lovely Ellen I once did adore
And to you lovely Alice you’re my joy and delight
I could roll you in my arms on a cold frosty night.

Some marry for beauty but the flower soon will fade
Others marry for riches gets a bold saucy maid
But if ever I marry as plain as you will see
The lass that is loyal is the darling for me.