The hunter’s song, song

Paddy Collins, singing in English
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One Saturday night down in Kenny’s Hotel
When all jolly sportsmen felt happy and well
When the hunt it was o’er and the innocent hare
Was nursing her wounds in her newly found lair

We went to a bar to slacken our thirst
There important matters were really discussed
While arranging the meets there was many a jest
For you know hunter’s yarns are always the best

The liquid rolled in and the toast it went round
‘Til it soon was the jolliest house in the town
And with such jovial company you all must agree
Was a suitable place for a rhymer to be

There were songs of all classes both the old and the new
An excellent programme that night was gone through
But for comical singing there cannot be found
A match for my friend who resides in the town

We talked about hounds both the living and dead
Where they all came from and how they were bred
And hounds that have seldom been seen at the front
On occasions like this may be leading the hunt

A health to our leader this meeting did plan
That afforded such pleasure to each sporting man
And a health to each hunter and long may they reign
And many a time may we all meet again