Half past ten, song

Denis McDaid, singing in English
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Oh I mind when I courted my aul’ wife Jane
Sure I oft times went to see her but seldom was seen
Her father and her elders like all the Godly men
Sure they’d bar all their doors about half past ten

The sight of the men so civil we saw Janie here
Every lad to his lassie and I done the same
And its merrily we cracked around the cosy fire in
Till the time we were away at half past ten

Oh wink was enough for a bright lad like me
When I got a glance of my Jane’s black eye
As much as to say come you down to the glen
We’ll be sure to stay longer than half past ten

Ah one night a few lads and myself did agree
For to go to some place near for to have a wee bit o’ spree
Oh it’s what do you think we’ll go down to the glen
But we’ll be sure to stay longer than half past ten

We all did agree with a hearty good will
And the old man himself he brought a pint and a gil
And going to his friend saying you well remember Jane
For the time was away at about half past ten