Green grass it grows bonnie, song

Michael Devlin (Mack), singing in English
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Sure I’m wondering what’s keeping my true love tonight
I’m wondering what’s keeping him out of my sight
For it’s little that he thinks of the pain I endure
He would not stray from me tonight I am sure.

Oh love are you coming my pains to advance
Or are you awaiting on a far better chance
Or have you got a sweetheart laid by you in store
Are you coming to tell me you love me no more.

Oh love I’m not coming your pain to advance
Or am I waiting on a far better chance
Nor have I got a sweetheart laid by me in store
But I’m coming for to tell you I love you no more.

I’ve got gold in my pockets and love in my heart
But I can’t love a fair one who has got two sweethearts
My love is just like the dew on the thorn
It falls down at night and is gone in the morn.

So green grass grows bonnie spring water runs clear
I weary I weary when I think of you dear
You were my first and fond truelove but since you have rued
The fonder I loved you the falser you grew.

So come all you young maids fair take a warning from me
Never build your nest on the top of a tree
For the leaves they will wither and the roots will decay
Like the falsehearted young man that’s now far away.