The green fields of Annagh, song

Packie McGonigle, singing in English
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There are green fields in Annagh and friends both kind and true
And when I’m far across the sea, my thoughts will be on you
Although I now must leave you, my friends both true and kind
And the days I spend round Annagh will be ever in my mind.

From the heath-clad hills of Annagh you could see the Swilly tide
Breaking on its pebble shore with many a rocky side
The lovely bay of Binnion and the headlands of Dunaff
The tower of Ballyhillion and the hills of far Culdaff.

You could see the hills of Malin from a distance far away
And the lovely Rose of Pollan lies anchored in the Bay
The castles of O’Doherty and Glasheady’s lovely Isle
And the scenes of happy memories well be with you all the while.

So now I’m leaving Annagh perhaps no more to see
The lovely rose of Shaunawill and happy memory
But where there’s life there’s always hope, those words I’ll say to you
And I’ll never forget old Annagh where there’s friends both kind and true.