The green fields of America, song

Denis McDaid, singing in English
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Here’s to the land of shillelagh and shamrock
Many’s the long time in pleasure I spent
Likewise to the friends I am leaving behind me
For to live in Ireland now they are content.

Sorry am I for to leave this green island
For because that I supported in care and in war
For to live here in bondage sure I never would be happy
For the green fields of Americay are sweeter by far.

Once was the time when that our country was flourishing
And the tradesmen of all kind had plenty to do
But our manufacturer sure he crossed the Atlantic
And we boys must go to Americay too.

Come pack up your stores and consider them no longer
Six dollars a week is not very bad pay
Without rent or taxes to devour all your wages
When that you’re out in the green fields of Americay.

No longer I’ll stay in this land of oppression
Or it’s no cruel master will rule over me
Let their hearts be as merry as ever I saw them
In my home in the green fields of Americay.

If ever it happens in a foreign country
A poor friendless Irish man to come in my way
Right heartily I’ll treat him kind heartily frae welcome
In my home in the green friends of Americay.