Glenswilly, song

Dan McGonigle, singing in English
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Attention pay my countrymen and hear my native news
Although my song is sorrowful I hope you’ll me excuse
I left my peaceful residence a foreign land to see
I bid farewell to Donegal likewise to Glenswilly

Being on a summer’s morning at the dawning of the day
When I left my peaceful residence to wander far away
And as I viewed these grand old glens perhaps no more to see
And all the happy days I’ve spent around sweet Glenswilly

Some stalwart men around me stood each comrade kind and true
And as I grasped each well-known hand to bid a last adieu
Says I my native countrymen it’s soon you shall be free
To raise the sunburst proudly o’er the hills of Glenswilly

No more at ball or harvest home my violin I will play
No more I’ll dance the Irish Jig among the girls so gay
My treasured harp I leave behind though it is dear to me
‘Twill keep my place when I am gone far from you Glenswilly

No more among the sycamore I’ll hear the blackbird sing
No more for me the blythe cuckoo will welcome back the spring
No more I’ll plough your fertile fields a chuisle geal mo chroí
On a foreign soil I’m doomed to toil far away from Glenswilly

God bless you dark old Donegal my own dear native land
In dreams I often see your hills and towering mountains grand
But alas three thousand miles now lies between these hills and me
I’m a poor forlorn exile far away from Glenswilly

May peace and plenty reign supreme around Lough Swilly’s shore
May discord never enter those Irish homes no more
And may the time soon come around when I return to thee
To live as my forefathers did and die in Glenswilly

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