The girl from Glenagivney, song

Jim MacFarland, singing in English
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Twas on a Monday morning in weather calm and clear
We crossed Greencastle ferry in the springtime of the year
We crossed Greencastle ferry free from every care and toil
To view the fields and valleys green across the river Foyle.

Magilligan’s a neat wee place and very well it’s known
But I intend to leave it and live in Inishowen
Where the girls they dress neat and clean in very degree
Of all the parts in Ireland sweet Inishowen for me.

The road to Glenagivney lies above Greencastle town
There lives a handsome colleen of honour and renown
The smile of her sweet countenance it has exhausted me
By Cupid’s dart I’ve found the smart I’m wounded quite by she.

I’m sorry love you slight me and I your wounded slave
I’ll never cease to worship you until I reach my grave
Perhaps you’ll rue when I’m far off and Cupid sets me free
So take kind fortune as your guide and come away with me.

The character I got of you it pleases me right well
I care not what my friends may think I’m out to please myself
And if the fates are kind at all and sure I’ll never rue
So I have no objections John to come and marry you.