The generous lover, song

Grace Toland, singing in English
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The first time I saw my love oh happy was I
For I knew not what love was nor how to deny
But I made too much freedom with my love’s company
Saying my generous lover you are welcome to me.

My friends and relations they angry are all
Because that I would go with you from my father’s great hall
But my friends and relations let them all angry be
For my generous lover you are welcome to me.

Well it’s farewell thee well darling it’s now I must leave you
For I in this country no longer can stay
But keep your mind easy and keep your heart free
Let no man be your lover my darling but me.

This poor pretty creature she stood on the ground
With her cheeks as white as ivory and the tears tripping down
Crying Jimmy dearest Jimmy you were the first that e’er wooed me
And it’s sorry I’m I ever said you are welcome to me.

For happy is the girl that ne’er loved a man
And easy can tie up her narrow waist band
She is free from all sorrow and sad misery
That never said my darling you are welcome to me.