Galway Bay, song

Colm Toland, singing in English
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‘Tis far away I am today from scenes I roamed a boy
And long ago the hour I know I first saw Illinois
Nor time nor tide nor waters wide could wean my heart away
For ever true it flies to you my own dear Galway Bay.

Grey and bleak by shore and creek the rugged rocks abound
But sweet and green the grass between that grows on Irish ground
Where friendship fond and wealth abound and a love that lives always
Bless every home beside your foam my own dear Galway Bay.

Had I youth’s blood and cheerful mood and a heart of fire once more
For all the gold the world might hold I’d never leave your shore
I’d be content with whatever god sent would never go away
And I’d lay my bones ‘neath church yard stones beside you Galway Bay.

The blessings of a poor old man be with you night and day
The blessings of a lonely man whose heart will soon be clay
It’s all I ask of heaven above that on my dying day
My soul would soar forever more above you Galway Bay.