Galtee Mountain boy, song

Cornelius McEleney, singing in English
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I joined the flying column in 1916
In Cork with Johnny Moylan, in Tipperary with Dan Breen
Arrested by free staters and sentenced for to die
Farewell to Tipperary said the Galtee mountain boy

We walked across the valleys and over the hilltops green
Where we met with Danny Lacey, Sean Hogan and Dan Breen
John Moylan and his gallant men, who kept the flag flying high
Farewell to Tipperary said the Galtee mountain boy

We trecked the Wicklow mountains we were rebels on the run
Though hunted night and morning we were outlaws but free men
We trecked the Dublin mountains as the sun was raising high
Farewell to Tipperary says the Galtee mountain boys

I bid farewell to old Clonmel that I never more will see
And to the Galtee mountains that oft times sheltered me
To the men who fought for their liberty and who died without a sigh
May their cause be ne'er forgotten says the Galtee mountain boy