The free train, song

Corney McDaid, singing in English
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I’m riding along on this free train bound for nobody knows where
I ran off from home just this morning my heart it is heavy with care.

I quarrelled with my old father because of the things that I done
He called me a drunk and a gambler not fit to be called his son.

I cursed and I swore at my father I told him his words were a lie
I packed up my clothes in a bundle and I went and bade mother goodbye.

Poor mother she broke down a-crying saying my son oh my son do not leave
Your poor mother’s heart will be broken and all her long life she will grieve.

I know she’ll be there by the window day after day as I roam
Watching and waiting and praying for her boy who will never come home.

Now lads take this as a warning don’t break your poor mother’s heart
Stay by her side for she’ll need you and let nothing ever drift you apart.

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