The folks long ago, song

Paddy Collins, singing in English
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Oh the folks long ago used the scythe for to mow
Their toil it was back and heart breaking
To say we’re happier now is to disregard how
Our notions just may be mistaken.

Though their times they were hard there was often a bard
To tell them a song or a story
He was better by far than a modern star
But had none of the fame or false glory.

For their culture was such that it offered them much
To rise o’er their meagre existence
They were vital in life and agreed with their wife
And their joys were within walking distance.

Their were meitheals back then which we’ll not see again
And the people all helped out their neighbours
At the corn and the hay they worked hard for no pay
And enjoyed both the yarns and hard labour.

Those days are gone now but I wish that somehow
A way could be found for revival
Of the spirit they had in those times good and bad
Which helped to ensure their survival.

Now we’re spoiling the earth for all we are worth
Our progress is causing pollution
We need so slow down in both country and town
Maybe then we’ll come on a solution.

Could the lore of the past show us wisdom at last
And help us to alter the present
To avoid the vile fate we’ve been courting of late
And to fashion a future more pleasant.