The flower of Dunaff Hill, song

Mary Ann Canny, singing in English
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As I roved out one evening some pleasures to pursue
When who but lovely Nancy appeared all in my view
Her eyes shone bright like stars at night or the moon when it is full
She is the darling of my heart and the flower of Dunaff Hill

Dunaff it is a lovely place all in the summer time
With its lofty tops and noble shades all covered with shamrock and thyme
From it you’ll see the country round for twenty miles or more
Besides it’s situated no distance from the shore

Now Fanad Head lies in my view and the Gap at sweet Mamore
They way it leads through Leitir to the village of Clonmany
From Fanad Head to Mulroy Point where the ships lie in my view
I would part with them all my darling girl how could I part with you?

I was banished from my native home in Americay I do dwell
I spent some time and pleasure there far more than tongue can tell
Till cruel fates the landlord my curse pursue him still
That banished me from that sweet spot in beautiful Dunaff Hill

It’s now I’m in Americay where liberty foes shine
It’s now I’m in Americay I will think on the time
When I clasped you in my arms and all our joys were full
Each evening fair to take the air around sweet Dunaff Hill