Father McFadden, song

James McBride, singing in English
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Oh come all you Roman Catholics and listen to my song
And likewise pay attention and I’ll not detain you long
Concerning Father McFadden who lies in Lifford Jail
He was remanded there for trial the court would grant no bail

The day he was arrested was a Sunday after Mass
It was Inspector Martin the man who did the arrest
He caught the priest by the collar with a broad sword in his hand
Says he You are my prisoner sir and you must come along

The congregation saw their priest arrested at the door
And David being among the flock he did one stone procure
He stuck the stone into a sling and by the Lord’s command
He struck Inspector Martin on the ground where he did stand

Some pailing posts were used by those who fought for liberty
Their priest they swore for to defend from landlord tyranny
No cowardly inspector would their hero take away