The fare train, song

Theresa Houten, singing in English
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As I ride on a fare train this morning bound where nobody knows
I ran off from home this morning and my heart it is heavy with care
I quarrelled with my old aged father by the cause of the things I have done
He called me a drunkard and a gambler not fitting to be a son.

I cursed and I swore at my father I told him his words was a lie
I picked up my clothes in a bundle and I went to bid mother goodbye
Poor Mother she broke down crying said son dear son do not leave
Your poor mother’s heart will be broken and our last thoughts will be but a dream.

She kissed me and called me her darling and round me her arms she threw
It’s hard to see that sad parting when I says mother dear I must go
I know as she sits by the window day after day as I roam
Praying and weeping and watching a boy who’ll never come home.

Poor boy it’s a wanderer’s warning never break your poor mother’s heart
But stay by her side while she needs you and never let anything tear her apart.

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