A fair young lady, song

Rosie McGeoghagan, singing in English
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A fair young lady in her father’s garden
As a gentleman was passing by
He stood a while and he gazed upon her
Says he fair lady would you fancy I.

I’m not a lady kind sir she answered
But a poor young girl of a low degree
And for that young man you may choose another
For I’m not fitting your bride to be.

It’s seven years since I had a true love
And seven more since I did him see
And seven more I will wait upon him
For he’s the young man that I love best.

Maybe your own true love’s married
And maybe your own true love’s dead
And maybe your own true love’s drowned
Lying in the depth of the deep blue sea.

Well if he’s married I wish him happy
And if he’s dead sure I wish him rest
But if he’s alive sure he will come home
For he’s the young man that I love best.

Do you see yon high fine castles
And do you see yon lilies fair
They are mine and they can be yours
If you consent for to be my bride.

What cares I for your high fine castles
And what cares I for your lilies fair
What cares I for your gold or silver
If my own true love was here tonight.

He slipped his hand into his waistcoat pocket
His lilywhite fingers looked thin and small
And up between them he pulled a gold ring
And as soon as she saw it was down she fell.

He lifted up her lily white arms
And he gave her kisses most tenderly
For I’m your true love a single sailor
Who came home from sea to be wed to you.

Now this couple are happily married
And they ships on the ocean wide
Once she was a poor servant’s maiden
But now she is a sea captain’s bride.

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