Fair London Town, song

Dan McGonigle, singing in English
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As I was going to fair London town
All alone in these rambles my true love I found
She said brother sailor to where are you bound
I smiled and made answer to fair London town.

To London’s fair city I would willingly go
But how to get over I do not well know
I am not bred a sailor but if you went a hand
I will free your passage over and do what I can.

All things being ready our ship’s in full sail
The wind from the north blew a most pleasant gale
We hoisted our top sail to our own heart’s content
‘Til our ship she sprang a leak and to the bottom down went.

There were thirty five of us confined in a boat
With a small store of provisions to see us to some port
Our provisions are gone and no harbour is nigh
It was then that we cast lots to know who’d first die.

These lots were made in a bag they were shown
Each man on board the long lot he took
But behold this fair creature the short lot she drew
She was to die first for to feed the whole crew.

These lots they were made it was plain to be seen
For to know which of them then a butcher would be
Come come said the captain let the business be done
But before the blow was struck we all heard a gun.

Stop stop your hand butcher said this innocent dame
Or are you for killing a poor English maid
I’m a rich merchant’s daughter to London sailed o’er
But see what I’ve gained for the loving of you.

In an instant fresh colour flew up in his view
His heart it was heavy just ready to break
Saying my jewelmy darling my own heart would burst
For the want of your long life my self would die first.

They hoisted their colours to a full flowing tide
They landed in Ireland down by the seaside
Now this couple’s got married and married they be
And they live as happy as happy can be.