Erin’s lovely home, song

Dan McGonigle, singing in English
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When I was young and in my prime my age being twenty one
I acted as a servant unto a gentleman
I served him true and honest and very well ‘tis known
‘Til cruel did he banished me from Erin’s lovely home

The reason why he banished me I mean to let you hear
I own I loved his daughter and she loved me as dear
She said my dearest William if with me you will roam
We’ll bid adieu to all our friends in Erin’s lovely home

When we arrived at Belfast ‘twas at the break of day
My true love she got ready our passage for to pay
One thousand pounds she counted down saying this will be your own
But do not mourn for those you have left in Erin’s lovely home

And what did follow after I’ll quickly let you hear
It was a few hours later her father did appear
He marched me back to Omagh Jail in the county of Tyrone
And from there I was transported from Erin’s lovely home

As I awaited sentence before I sailed away
My love she came unto the jail these words to me did say
Cheer up your heart don’t be dismayed for you I’ll never disown
Until you do return again to Erin’s lovely home

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