Easter Snow, song

Margaret McEleney, singing in English
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By the clear light of the morning as I roved out all on the dew
With my morning cloak around me intending all my flocks to view
'Twas looking all around me it was there I espied a beauty bright
I took her for Diana fair or the evening star that rules the night.

I being all surprised it being in the forenoon of the day
To see so fair a female going over the hills to sweet Loughrea
Her snowy breast was naked her cheeks they were a rosy red
My heart was captivated by the two black eyes rolled in her head.

Said I my pretty Peggy come you down on this green hill
And cast your eye around you some pleasure unto you might bring
Where the hares they are a-coursing and the houndsmen calling tallyho
The hills and vales resounded by the sporting plains of Easter Snow.

So all young men a warning take in the morning a hunting you may go
And see your love as I have done by the sporting plains of Easter Snow.