Duggan’s Dancing School, song

Pat McGonigle (James Eoghain), singing in English
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In Paris or in London you’ll find some dancing halls
But the one that I have in my mind exceeds them one and all
For beneath this roof in days of yore a school teacher did rule
But now it is a dancing hall called Duggan’s Dancing School

In former days he slaughtered beef and sold it by the pound
And with a basket on his back he went from town to town
But when his name it grew to fame he dropped his slaughtering tools
And invested all his money in his far famed dancing school

Now when in this hall there is a ball they come from near and far
From Glenswilly to Creeslough and from that to Carrigart
And from the banks of sweet Mulroy with its waters clear and cool
They gather in to sing and dance in Duggan’s Dancing School

And when on the stage those men of age perform with might and main
And on the floor close to the door you can hear them shout Up Glen
At the door two gallant youths do stand true to Paddy’s rule
You’ve got to pay your one and three to enter Duggan’s School

Now around this hall in summer time it is a pretty sight
Where the heather and the wild rose bloom with any heart’s delight
And when Owencarrow’s royal fern that grows so sweet and tall
You’d swear the birds were singing Paddy Duggan’s Dancing Hall

Now long life to Paddy Duggan and his good aul’ Irish name
Although a Duggan never died upon the field of fame
I wish him luck with all my heart may the Gap be always full
Of boys and girls from every part in Duggan’s Dancing School