Drumhaggart, song

Neil Ward, singing in English
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Have you heard about our boozers in Drumhaggart it’s begun
It’s open on a Saturday night there is the best of fun
Paddy Long comes out the road it’s with his hat and bow
You would think he was a sergeant major just new from Scapa Flow.

Oh they heard about the dance it was held in Coyles of the Brae
But whatever did ever happen sure they didn’t seem to stay
No one in the parlour and wife was firing a roast
And what a beauty Paddy but the image of a ghost.

Then the dances started the people all gathered round
They danced the heel and toe while they stood on the ground
Paddy shouts to Alfie to come and do his best
Ah my body is going to graveyard and my soul is going to rest.

Now Alfie got his bicycle he got on the road with pearl
He passed a ford going in the road at fifty miles an hour
And when he reached by Willie’s Bridge said he thank God I’m free
For never again will I be retained at the drunken spree.