Dinsmore of bonnie Woodhall, song

Corney McDaid, singing in English
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Down by thon green bushes near Collins clear stream
Where me and my Annie oft times we had been
The hours rolled quickly by love and happy were we
It was little she thought that a soldier I would be.

Kind sir says my Annie I now must away
My country has called me and I must obey
The tears down her pale cheeks did trickle and fall
Like the dew on the ground of Bonnie Woodhall.

On the fourteenth of August our regiment was lost
When a ball from the enemy our lines it did cross
Struck me on the forehead and the blood trickled down
I kneeled and I staggered and fell on the ground.

Oh Colonel O’Casey and go with great speed
For I am afraid that young Dinsmur is dead
Six men with a stretch board they quickly prepared
And they carried me off to an hospital there.

Cold water and brandy was used very free
They turned me over my wounds for til see
If my Annie was here she would cure all my wounds
One kiss from her sweet lips would deften their stoon.

What makes me think dreary when I think on Lang Syne
When I was a collier and wrought in the mine
When I was a wee thing on my mother’s knee
It was little she thought that a soldier I’d be.

Kind friends and relations you’ve seen what I’ve done
By following the laddies who wore the red coat
But if heaven proves kind friend to one to all
Young Dinsmur will come back to Bonnie Woodhall.

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