Dear little Isle so fair, song

Bill Cassidy, singing in English
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Tonight in fancy come and take a trip across the sea
And meet the ould companions in the place we long to be
For locked up in your memories are the friends you used to know
And just tonight we’ll revel in the scenes of long ago.

Through little lanes and valleys green we’ll take a trip once more
And meet the  boys and girls we met in days of yore
The moonlight on the riverside has the same ould charm still
As the fiddler on the summer’s eve comes rambling ower the hill.

‘Tis oft we’d rove through yon green grove with our young hearts light and gay
By the golden rays of a setting sun at the close of an Irish day
The music from the hills around re-echoes clear and true
As down the path we wander ‘neath the fragrant summer’s dew.

Do you recall sweetheart of mine the first place I met you
‘Neath a rosy bough of happiness e’er love’s young dreams came through
The air was filled with love’s sweet song and you promised you’d be mine
And I forever pledged my word that I would be always thine.

We’ll ne’er forget the day we sailed across the ocean blue
We stood on deck and slowly watched the mountains fade from view
To the last glimpse of old Ireland our hearts go up in prayer
Oh may God forbid we’d e’er forget that dear little isle so fair.

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