Dark Inishowen, song

Denis McDaid and Jimmy Houten, singing in English
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You maidens of beauty I am one that’s forlorn
I carelessly wander away far far from my home
I am off by the moonlight and the day break of morning
I was found in the mountains of dark Inishowen

I strayed round a place where they call sweet Clonmany
In search of a fair maid that I might adore
But a fair lass for to love me I could not find any
From the Mindoran Bridge to the Gap of Mamore

Adieu to the place where I once had a sweetheart
But now she has left me no wonder I mourn
But I’m off by the wild beach where the salt seas are swelling
From Tullagh’s black rocks to the gap of Mamore

Distance divides us in my dreams I caress her
For I was as happy as if I was at home
When I think of that sweet spot the haunt of that fair one
I am pining for her absence in dark Inishowen

And now I am stationed in the county Fermanagh
Far from that sweet spot I may ne’er see it more
But if ever I return it will to marry
And I’ll wed my wee darling in dark Inishowen

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