The dark-eyed sailor, song

Kate Doherty (Denery), singing in English
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It’s of a charming young maiden fair
Roved out one evening to take the air
She met a sailor along the way
And I paid attention and I paid attention
To hear what they would say.

Oh said the young man why do you roam
The day is gone and the night has come
She sighed while tears to her eyes did flow
It’s my dark eyed sailor it’s my dark eyed sailor
The cause of all my woe.

Oh said the young man drive him from your mind
Another sailor as good you’ll find
For love turns aside and cold does blow
Like a winter’s morning like a winter’s morning
When the hills are clad with snow.

Oh said the lady what do you mean
A tarry sailor ...
You may drink his health here’s a chink of coin
For my dark eyed sailor for my dark eyed sailor
Does claim this heart of mine.

His cherry cheeks and his coal dark hair
His two blue eyes they did me ensnare
Genteel he was not a rake like you
To advise a fair maid to advise a fair maid
To forsake her jacket blue.

It’s seven long years since he left the land
He took the gold ring off my left hand
He broke the token left the half with me
Whilst the other’s rolling whilst the other’s rolling
In the bottom of the sea.

Then half the ring did young Willie show
She seemed distracted between joy and woe
Saying you’re welcome Willie I have gold in store
For my dark eyed sailor for my dark eyed sailor
A maid I’d live and die.

So now this couple that well does agree
They live in a cottage all along the sea
Be true fair maids when your love’s away
For a cloudy morning for a cloudy morning
Brings forth a pleasant day.