Come come away, song

Packie Manus Byrne, singing in English
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Oh come to the seaside to hear the wild waves
On the dark rocks we’ll stand whilst the storm wildly raves
And we’ll watch the white seagulls over tempest and spray
Where the mighty ocean ridges fierce and loud
Oh come come away.

Oh come to the hedgerows with gay flowers all bright
See the daffodils dancing beneath the sunlight
Where the blackthorn and bramble in harmony sway
And the little birds are singing merrily
Oh come come away.

Oh come to the valley let’s sit by the stream
See the fast-flowing waters reflect the sunbeams
Where the lambs in the meadows are sporting in play
And the whispering breezes tell us we’re in love
Oh come come away.

Oh come to the mountains let’s sit at our ease
On a fresh bed of heather to feel the cool breeze
And the evening is closing and leaving the day
Then we’ll fall asleep in mother nature’s arms
Oh come come away.