The collier lad, song

Michael McGonigle, singing in English
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My love he was a miner lad and he worked down underground
His meek and mild behaviour or his equal can’t be found
He had two sparkling blue eyes and his cheeks a rosy red
But alas my handsome Collier lad lies numbered with the dead.

Oh the very night my love was killed I was lying in my bed
I dreamt that he came up to me and this is what he said
Oh Nancy lovely Nancy for my absence do not mourn
For I am dead and my spirit’s fled never more for to return.

Now the moon shone in my window pane the stars were shining bright
I dreamt I heard a mournful cry sure I think I hear it yet
He laid his head down on my breast his blood ran down in a stream
And when I awoke sure I cried aloud thank God it was a dream.

It was early next morning my dream was testified
When neighbours all came running in John Sneddon’s killed they cried
While toiling at his work last night sure the roofing on him fell
What grief and woe lies in my heart is more than a tongue can tell.

For the ring was bought and the day was set that married we would be
For me and my love were going to sail unto Americay
Oh me and my love were going to sail to a far off distant shore
But the face of my handsome collier lad sure I never will see more.

Sure the summer time will come again with all its flowers gay
The little birds will sweetly sing and the lambs will sport and play
While other fair maids will happy be sure I to death must mourn
For the loss of my handsome collier lad whom I never will see more.

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