The coast of Malabar, song

Jimmy Doherty (Caitlin), singing in English
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Far across an Indian ocean underneath an Indian star
Dwelt a little dusky littte maiden on the coast of Malabar
In the harbour where we anchored I could see her shy and sweet
With a lotus in her bosom and the wild waves at her feet.

Come to me I hear her calling o’er the ocean wide and far
Come to me again and love me on the coast of Malabar.

Many’s the happy hour I spent with her beneath the palm trees green and tall
And the happy nights I danced with her down in the city hall
She would raise her little misty face she would gaze across the bay
And she would whisper if you love me why do you go away.

Now my thoughts are ever turning to that far oft distant shore
For the little girl that loved me is there no more no more
Farewell you well my little dark eyes fare you well my Indian star
In my heart you’ll live forever on the coast of Malabar.

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