The Cloontagh boys, song

Packie McGonigle, singing in English
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Come all ye boys from Inishowen that’s fond of fun and noise
Fill up your glass and drink success unto the Cloontagh boys
They assembled the other evening to have a bit of spree
To welcome home a neighbour all from Americay

The night went on with dance and song and a happy atmosphere
There were all kinds of comfort both meat and music there
Besides provision for a health to guard against the ‘flu
They took with moderation a drop of mountain dew

At one o’clock on that same night they got a great surprise
With soldiers and guards with rifles all in disguise.
They surshed into the kitchen like a pack of Black and Tans
And they shouted at the people there for to hold up their hands.

They boys obeyed the orders their fingers gave the twist
And every hand that was help up was charged unto a fist.
The battle soon was raging there was a great uproar
And the guards did their endeavour to get out the kitchen door.

The soldiers fired rifle shots the ladies got a fright
And it’s our brave Cloontagh boys did soon give them the fight

When they landed in Buncrana they were covered in blood and dirt
And at their head a mad man without a hat or shirt.
And for to get another one the doctor made up a plan
To wire up to Paddy Cook to Brady or McCann.

O’Ryan said you’re funny aye in one that’s second hand
I’ll have to buy one of that man they call his Johnny Sean.
He mounted like a wildcat and seized upon his bike
He is the famous jockey and his name is Johnny Jack.

O doctor then refer to him the cold has swelled your nose
And though it is the effect of the Cloontagh fellows blows.
Which I will prove to Justice Walsh for sure he is the best
For he says Sergeant Tottle from the Pope of Rome was blessed.

A blessing is so easy got and bestowed on him so well
I think our District Justice should go to Rome himself
Oh now the law is over and let us all rejoice
Fill up your glass and drink success unto the Cloontagh boys.

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